Apr. 10th, 2013

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Dear AU-makers! The FIRST of our three Posting Weekends begins THIS FRIDAY. Woohoo!! \o/

Please follow these instructions when you post:

General info:
+ You do NOT have to post this weekend if you aren't ready. There are 20 whole weeks left; it's okay to use them.
+ You MAY post a portion of an incomplete work as a teaser for your future complete post, but do at least make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.
+ Works should be beta'd and revised, no matter what format you're working in.
+ You're welcome to link & crosspost your work wherever you like (comms, archives, etc.).

Post ANY TIME between Friday and Sunday, April 12-14. We're not worried about time zones; as long as it's Fri-Sat-Sun *somewhere* in the world, we're happy. If you can't post this weekend, wait until the NEXT posting weekends (June 21-23 & August 30-September 1).

Where to Post:
You can post your AU anywhere you want. You can post your entire work to the community (behind a cut, please!), or upload your work somewhere else and post a link here at [community profile] alternate_ds_c6d so we can all find and admire it! If you post on the AO3, please be sure to include your work in our AO3 collection: alternate_ds_c6d!

When you post to [community profile] alternate_ds_c6d, please include: title, creator(s), fandom(s), length, rating, relationships, summary, and any other header info that's appropriate to your format. If your work contains disturbing or triggery content: please provide warnings/content notes (either grayed out or visible), OR put "Author chooses not to warn" on your Content Notes line. Thanks!

Again, thanks so much to all of you for participating! We hope you're having a wonderful time making your alternate universes & we can't wait to see them! If you have any questions at all about these guidelines, please ask!

YAY AUs!! \o/ \o/ \o/


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