Feb. 1st, 2013

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Welcome! Today is the first official day of the DS-C6D Alternate Universe (multimedia!) Challenge, and we're kicking things off with our big AU brainstorming post! YAYYY!! \o/

We hope the ideas posted here will inspire your creativity and lead to some great fanworks. All the sample AUs from in the Signups & Rules post are behind the cut, and there are ZILLIONS more possibilities. Please share your AU ideas below!

We ask that you follow these guidelines to help us keep things organized:

1. Take a moment to read over what counts as an AU/AR & be sure your AUs qualify.

2. List your AUs in a top-level comment to this post (i.e. in a reply to the post itself, not as a reply to someone else's comment), and limit each idea to a sentence or less, please!

3. This is a multimedia challenge, so please DO include ideas that are flexible enough to work across different formats. We're as enthusiastic about fic as we are about art, comics, podfic, poetry, songs, vids, yarncraft, sculpture, cosplay costumes, dolls, puppet shows, fan-made movies, etc. ad infinitum.

Feel free to discuss and elaborate in replies to each other's comments, and keep in mind that further discussion posts will be forthcoming at [community profile] alternate_ds_c6d. Once you find some ideas you like, make something! The first posting weekend starts 10 weeks from today! (Posting dates & other rules are here.)

Please note: We aren't doing claims. There are tons of great ideas to go around, and we think the possibility of multiple people making fanworks on the same theme is AWESOME. (There could be multiple Space AUs!!!) So! Create as many works based on as many AUs as you want. You may also create works based on AUs that are NOT on this list. And you can either talk about your AU or surprise us. Go with what works for you. There is room for everything; just make it DS-C6D & make it AU.

Okay? Okay! Onto the list! (Now numbered for your skimming convenience!)


p.s. This post will remain open for the duration of the challenge, so feel free to keep commenting with more AU ideas and I'll continue to add your suggestions to the list behind the cut. Let us know if you have any questions! Also, these are less "prompts" than a wild array of things to inspire your own creativity. Everyone is welcome to use, adapt, or cheerfully ignore anything you see here for your own C6D AU fanworks.

Thanks, everybody! We can't wait to see what you come up with! \o/


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