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WELCOME to our DS-C6D Alternate Universe Play Day! To play, simply grab one or more of the 86 prompts from the initial brainstorming list and do something with it! This is open to everyone, no minimums, no betas needed, no pressure -- just PLAY!

ANY type of fanwork is welcome as long as you somehow convey that there's an alternate universe involved. Sample work types include but aren't limited to: fic, art, vids, podfic, manips, mixed media, yarncraft, six word stories, limericks, thumbnail doodles, paperclip sculptures, mashed potato sculptures, one-sentence-fic, etc.

You can play as many times as you want. You can use as many prompts (as many times) as you want. Please put different AUs into different comments (eta: Unless you're doing something like one-sentence-fic of a zillion separate prompts. Use your best judgment!)

When you're ready, put your work in a comment to this post using the following format:
In the subject line: Fandom; AU; Rating; Relationships
For example: Due South; Animal transformation AU; Mature; FKV

If your work has triggery content, put a brief content warning/advisory in the first line of your comment, right at the top. If you want to choose not to warn, put "Author chooses not to warn". If there's nothing to warn for, skip this.

Make sure your work is going in a reply to this post instead of a reply to someone else's comment!

Please remember to give feedback to people when you enjoy their works!

Okay! Are you ready? This post will be open for roughly 24 hours, so grab an Alternate Universe (or several) and PLAY! \o/
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