May. 31st, 2013

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Happy Friday, y'all! There are 3 & 13 weeks left until our remaining deadlines! Woohoo!

Please remember that all works need to be beta'd, no matter what format you're working in, so be sure to leave enough time before the deadline to get feedback and make changes. If you need a beta, comment below with a brief description of your project. If you can offer to beta for other people, please keep an eye on the comments for people in need!

Chat! Our last chat was wonderfully inspiring and a lot of fun. Our NEXT chat is set to be sometime next weekend, June 8 or 9. You guys have to decide when it will be, so here's the official poll. Please only vote if you intend to participate. I'm happy to shift the time to better accomodate your needs, so please take a minute to look at your calendars and figure out when works best for you.
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Saturday June 8
3 (75.0%)

Sunday June 9
4 (100.0%)


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2pm Chicago/19:00 GMT is good
1 (50.0%)

Another time I'll put in the comments
1 (50.0%)

Annnd now for check-in! How are things going? The three week mark is usually when I start feeling the big push to finish, at least when I'm writing. Are you on track to post something for this deadline, or does it look like it'll be August instead?

As always, you're welcome to use the comments to vent, wail, dance, jump for joy, ask for help, step up to offer help, puzzle out your AUs, cheer each other on, and so forth. If you need any modly help, let us know. We'll do what we can. :)


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