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Congratulations to everyone who posted this past weekend! YAY YOU! We're so glad you're playing and we hope you're having fun! I've posted an index of everything that went up this weekend at the LJ & DW DS comms, but you're still entirely welcome (and encouraged!) to post links to your work (and recs to works in the challenge) wherever you want. :)

We have just under ten weeks left until the last deadline: August 30 to September 1st. As always, feel free to use this space to vent, celebrate, cheer others on, request help, post daily/weekly/hourly progress reports, and so forth.

Questions! How's it going? If you posted a complete work this weekend, are you aiming to post something else for our last deadline? If you posted a teaser, YAY! Have you made any more progress on the rest of the work? Are you happy with your project(s)? Are you enjoying it?

Chat! At our last support chat, we didn't discuss when to have the next one. Please suggest some dates, okay? And if you're in a time zone where our previous chats have been at horrific hours and you WANT to have a support chat, please say so! We can schedule that! NZ-friendly times tend to suck for Europe but are doable for North America, and we can totally do multiple chats, so that Europe gets to brainstorm at a reasonable hour, as well. We can make it work. Just let us know when is good for you. *g*

Have a great week, y'all! \o/
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Wars Not Yet Dreamed Of cover

Title: Wars Not Yet Dreamed Of
Author: [ profile] abbybanks
Reader(s): [personal profile] luzula and [personal profile] podfic_lover
Fandoms: due South
Pairing/Characters: Fraser/RayK UST
Warnings: Dark. Angst and *main character death.* Oh, and the end of life as we know it.
Length: 19min:55sec

Summary: They do what they have to do, which is to live.

Download links: mp3-file (18.3 Mb) or audiobook (18.3 Mb)

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Title : Untitled Snippet
Creators : ButterflyGhost and ride_4ever
Fandom : due South
Length : 215 words
Characters : Benton Fraser, Diefenbaker (later, pairing Fraser/Kowalski)
Rating : General (later, mature or explicit)

Summary : An AU 1990's Chicago where Detective Ray Kowalski goes undercover as a Neo-Nazi to investigate hate crimes against the Jewish community...and ends up partnered --in more ways than one -- with Mountie-turned-rabbi Benton Fraser.

AN : TYK to old_grognard for beta.

snippet )
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Untitled due South Rodeo AU teasers (WIP) (2840 words) by malnpudl
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: due South
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ray Kowalski/Stella Kowalski, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Stella Kowalski, Diefenbaker, Francesca Vecchio

This is the beginning of a big bang-length due South rodeo AU, with past RayK/Stella and eventual Fraser/RayK and Stella/RayV. There's a short prequel that takes place some years in the past, and the opening scene from the present day main story.

Note: The good news is that I've done massive amounts of research and I have a solid foundation for the 'verse and characters and a general plan for the overall plot in my head. The bad news is that my writing mojo is currently broken and I don't know if or when I'll get it back. I'm hoping that posting this much will help jump-start me again, but I am not able to make any promises about if or when there will be more.
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The Case of the Creepy Collector (177 words) by sageness
Fandom: due South
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Space, yarncraft, Crochet, Mixed Media, Fanart
Acknowledgments: Special thanks to Petra for the beta and to all the awesome cheerleaders who have kept me excited about making these guys!
Summary: or, part one of The Amazing Adventures of Detectives Turtle and Diefenbaker, Delta-sector field investigators of the Intergalactic Police Agency.
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Title: Why I Lied to You
Author: Garonne
Fandom: due South
Length: 20,000 words
Rating: on the mild side of NC-17
Relationship: Fraser/Kowalski
Warnings: none

It's 1930, and Ray Kowalski is undercover.

Contains bootleggers, Al Capone, adventures on the frozen river Detroit... and a rather unusual Canadian Customs Officer.

Notes: Many thanks to ride_4ever for being kind enough to beta-read this! I posted the first chapter as a teaser back in April. This is the completed work.

Read from the start (on AO3).

Skip the teaser and start with what's newly posted today (on AO3).
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all of this could be yours if the price is right (2811 words) by busaikko
Fandom: Twitch City
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Curtis (Twitch City)/Hope Surdjic, Curtis (Twitch City)/Newbie
Summary: Newbie's pregnant.
Content notes: discusses abortion, pregnancy, and adoption; homophobia/homophobic language

coverart and soundtrack under cut )
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Title: Supermountie and his Trusty Sidekick (on AO3)
Artist: [personal profile] mific 
Characters: Dief and Fraser (Gen)
Rating: G
Medium: digital art
Notes: Dief and Fraser as superheroes, for the "superheroes" prompt. With three alternate backgrounds - plain, in the Arctic, and over Chicgo.

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{I'm posting this teaser on Luzula's behalf, as she's still away.}

Working title: Mountie!Caroline
Author: [personal profile] luzula
Fandom: due South
Characters: Benton Fraser, Caroline Fraser, Buck Frobisher, Bob Fraser, Eric Kitikmeot
Pairings: Buck/Caroline, past Bob/Caroline, hints of Ben/Eric
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Length: 1350 words
Summary: Ben comes down to help Buck and Caroline investigate the dam.
Notes: This is a teaser for my rewrite of the pilot episode, under the assumption that Muldoon killed Bob instead of Caroline, and that she went on to become a Mountie. Thanks to [personal profile] malnpudl for the beta! I will try my best to finish the rest of the story by the next posting weekend.

And I will also give the story an actual title by then. *facepalm*

Read more... )
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Title: Through Death and After
Author: [personal profile] seascribe 
Fandom: due South
Length: 400 words
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Ray Vecchio/Irene Zuko
Summary: Irene wakes up in the hospital after Juliet is Bleeding
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] malnpudl for looking over it and brainstorming and to [personal profile] muccamukk for getting my adjectives under control. Any remaining errors are my own!  This stands on its own, but I'm hoping to write more of it for the next posting weekend.

Link to the story on AO3.

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Title: More Due South/Adventure Time AU Artwork
Artist: Love_jackianto
Characters: Fraser the Human/Flame Prince Ray and Lady Rainiturtle
Rating: G
Summary: Due South/Adventure Time AU artwork for the The Due South - C6D AU Challenge!
AN: Here's the
previous art on AO3

Due South Time
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Hi hi hi!! Guess what? Our second posting weekend starts THIS FRIDAY! YAYAYAYAY!!! \o/

I am SOOOOO excited, y'all! I'm also in a mad scramble to get enough of my project finished so I can post a teaser that makes sense. It's like time evaporated on me or something. Um.

How are y'all doing? As always, the comments are yours for posting frustrations, celebrations, help requests, beta requests, cheerleading requests, progress reports, omg this is making me crazy reports, etc. We are here for you.

How to post this weekend:
When your work is beta'd, revised, and ready to post, please follow the link to our handy dandy Posting Instructions, where you will find the schedule and header requirements. Everything there is still the same, except we're on posting weekend #2 (of 3).

Speaking of schedules, there are 10 1/2 weeks left until the AU challenge ends. Next week I'll post a poll for when to have our remaining support chats.

Annnd I think that's it! If you have any questions, please let me know! Good luck, everyone!
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Hello AU-makers! Here is your ONE WEEK WARNING! (This means only eleven weeks to final deadline! *meep*)

Posting weekend #2 lasts from Friday 6/21 through Sunday 6/23, as soon as it becomes Friday in some part of the world and for as long as it's still Sunday in some other part of the world. If you can't post within this range, please either get someone else to post on your behalf or wait until the final posting weekend at the end of August.

My lovely co-mod Luzula is traveling for a few weeks, so if you have questions, please be sure to send them to me. She won't get your email until she gets back. *g*

So...are you ready? Are you freaking out? Are you waiting on a beta? Are you impatient to post already? Tell us about it in the comments! Also, if you need help or can offer help, please use the comments accordingly! We can't wait to see what you've made!

Wishing everyone best luck! <3
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We had a great time at the chat yesterday, and it was so interesting to hear about everyone's projects! How are the rest of you doing? Any new progress to report? Or do you need to vent? Or maybe you need a beta? *cheers all of you on*

I am leaving tomorrow and won't have internet access until the beginning of July, but [personal profile] sage will be here, so address all your modly questions to her! But hopefully I'll have lots of writing time without all the distractions of the internet. : )
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Eeeep! There are only TWO weeks until our second posting weekend! That means 12 weeks until our final deadline. not a lot.

Please remember to leave enough time to get your works beta'd and then to revise accordingly!

This weekend's support chat will be taking place at the same time as before, this SUNDAY June 9th at 2pm Chicago time, 19:00 UTC (your location here). This time should work for Europe and North America, although I'm afraid it is the wee hours for folks in Australia/NZ/Japan. (If y'all who are in UTC+12-ish areas want to have a chat at a time that will work for you & North America, let me know. It will be the wee hours for Europe, but there's no way around that. Pesky time zones.)

We VERY MUCH HOPE that everyone can post a little something for the second posting weekend, be it an epic, a snippet of what you're working on, a post-it note doodle, or a six-word-story. This challenge is all about celebrating alternate universes, and no 'verse is too small or too far out there. Let yourselves play!

How are things going this week? Do you need a beta? Are you planning to post this time? Are you stuck? Can we help?

As always, the comments are here for you to tear your hair in frustration or do cartwheels of joy. Ask for help, offer help, and cheerlead as needed. We can't wait to see what everyone's making!

Good luck, everybody! \o/


Jun. 3rd, 2013 09:06 pm
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Hi everyone! How are your projects going? Are you, like your mod, easily distracted today (so distracted that you post to your journal instead of the comm)? Or maybe you have gotten a lot done and want to tell us all about it? We'd love to see little tidbits of your work, if you want to post them!

If you're stuck, do post about that, too, and we can all pitch in and see if we can get you un-stuck. : )

And don't forget to fill in the poll about which chat time would work for you.
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Happy Friday, y'all! There are 3 & 13 weeks left until our remaining deadlines! Woohoo!

Please remember that all works need to be beta'd, no matter what format you're working in, so be sure to leave enough time before the deadline to get feedback and make changes. If you need a beta, comment below with a brief description of your project. If you can offer to beta for other people, please keep an eye on the comments for people in need!

Chat! Our last chat was wonderfully inspiring and a lot of fun. Our NEXT chat is set to be sometime next weekend, June 8 or 9. You guys have to decide when it will be, so here's the official poll. Please only vote if you intend to participate. I'm happy to shift the time to better accomodate your needs, so please take a minute to look at your calendars and figure out when works best for you.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 4


View Answers

Saturday June 8
3 (75.0%)

Sunday June 9
4 (100.0%)


View Answers

2pm Chicago/19:00 GMT is good
1 (50.0%)

Another time I'll put in the comments
1 (50.0%)

Annnd now for check-in! How are things going? The three week mark is usually when I start feeling the big push to finish, at least when I'm writing. Are you on track to post something for this deadline, or does it look like it'll be August instead?

As always, you're welcome to use the comments to vent, wail, dance, jump for joy, ask for help, step up to offer help, puzzle out your AUs, cheer each other on, and so forth. If you need any modly help, let us know. We'll do what we can. :)
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First, apologies for the radio silence on the modly front this past week. (Um, life happened. Sorry!) Please remember that our second posting wknd is coming up June 21-23.

Second, we're going to be having ANOTHER CHAT the weekend of June 8. Please comment to let us know if Saturday June 8 or Sunday June 9 is better for you. Also, our recent chats have been at 2pm Chicago/19:00 GMT, but we can change/alternate the time to meet people's needs. Please indicate what time will work for you on these days.

Okay, that's the administrivia. Hi! Happy Monday! How's it going? Did you do any work on your AU this weekend?

Feel free to tell us about your progress, or conversely, to complain about your lack of it. Both are encouraged--we all know what it's like to be stuck, be caught up in RL, or to be distracted by other shiny things. : )

Hooray progress! Good luck, everybody!
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Hi, how's it going? Did you do any work on your project today? How about this weekend?

Feel free to tell us about your progress, or conversely, to complain about your lack of it. Both are encouraged--we all know what it's like to be stuck, be caught up in RL, or to be distracted by other shiny things. : )

I usually find that it helps me to report wordcounts or the like--it makes me feel like I'm accountable to someone. So feel free to do that in the comments!

We will be holding a chat this weekend, tentatively on Sunday May 19, 19:00 UTC (what time is this for me?). Does this work for you guys?


May. 10th, 2013 01:47 pm
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Hello, my darling AU makers! There are 6 and 16 weeks remaining until our remaining posting weekends! YAY!!

New feature!
In case you missed it, we've added a Motivational Monday post to our comm, for all your "YAY I MADE PROGRESS!!" and "OMG I'm so stuck. HALP!" comments. This will be happening every Monday until the end.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the second AU challenge chat last weekend! We'll be having TWO more before the next posting weekend. Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 18 and June 8. The precise days and times have yet to be determined, so watch the comm for news on that.

+ How are things going? Is your project going as expected or has it transmogrified into another animal entirely?
+ How are you finding your worldbuilding and the incorporation of the alternate 'verse?

As always, we invite you to use the comments below to do cartwheels of triumph or to wail in frustration, etc. If you need beta help, this is a good place to ask for it. If you have any questions, let us know & we'll help if we can!

Our next check-in post will be in 2 weeks, and from then weekly until the 2nd posting weekend. Best of luck, everybody! YAY AUs!! \o/
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