Jun. 24th, 2013

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Congratulations to everyone who posted this past weekend! YAY YOU! We're so glad you're playing and we hope you're having fun! I've posted an index of everything that went up this weekend at the LJ & DW DS comms, but you're still entirely welcome (and encouraged!) to post links to your work (and recs to works in the challenge) wherever you want. :)

We have just under ten weeks left until the last deadline: August 30 to September 1st. As always, feel free to use this space to vent, celebrate, cheer others on, request help, post daily/weekly/hourly progress reports, and so forth.

Questions! How's it going? If you posted a complete work this weekend, are you aiming to post something else for our last deadline? If you posted a teaser, YAY! Have you made any more progress on the rest of the work? Are you happy with your project(s)? Are you enjoying it?

Chat! At our last support chat, we didn't discuss when to have the next one. Please suggest some dates, okay? And if you're in a time zone where our previous chats have been at horrific hours and you WANT to have a support chat, please say so! We can schedule that! NZ-friendly times tend to suck for Europe but are doable for North America, and we can totally do multiple chats, so that Europe gets to brainstorm at a reasonable hour, as well. We can make it work. Just let us know when is good for you. *g*

Have a great week, y'all! \o/


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