Jun. 7th, 2013

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Eeeep! There are only TWO weeks until our second posting weekend! That means 12 weeks until our final deadline. That...is not a lot.

Please remember to leave enough time to get your works beta'd and then to revise accordingly!

This weekend's support chat will be taking place at the same time as before, this SUNDAY June 9th at 2pm Chicago time, 19:00 UTC (your location here). This time should work for Europe and North America, although I'm afraid it is the wee hours for folks in Australia/NZ/Japan. (If y'all who are in UTC+12-ish areas want to have a chat at a time that will work for you & North America, let me know. It will be the wee hours for Europe, but there's no way around that. Pesky time zones.)

We VERY MUCH HOPE that everyone can post a little something for the second posting weekend, be it an epic, a snippet of what you're working on, a post-it note doodle, or a six-word-story. This challenge is all about celebrating alternate universes, and no 'verse is too small or too far out there. Let yourselves play!

How are things going this week? Do you need a beta? Are you planning to post this time? Are you stuck? Can we help?

As always, the comments are here for you to tear your hair in frustration or do cartwheels of joy. Ask for help, offer help, and cheerlead as needed. We can't wait to see what everyone's making!

Good luck, everybody! \o/


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