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So, I've just torn out about 25% of what I wrote for my AU fic. OMG....

It was supposed to be very plotty and a bit of a whodunnit, and that had shaped up pretty nicely, but all of a sudden this morning the whole fic just seemed bloated, and the dual POV I've been working with all along seemed Wrong, All Wrong, and gutting commenced.

It's not that I didn't like the scenes I'd written. I was quite happy with each of them, which makes it that much harder to dump them. /o\

I've spent the whole day smoothing out the jagged edges left behind and hoping this will work. It will obviously give the story a much different feel, and it won't be the plotty crime story I set out to write, but if what I've done was the right thing to do, it will be a better story anyway. I hope. :P

I have, of course, kept the previous ungutted version of the story intact, in case this doesn't work out. I'm not crazy. But I do have to doubt my good sense in ripping it apart like this with two weeks to go, and hoping to send it off to a beta next week.

I'm not the only person who puts herself through this kind of nonsense, am I?
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